Consultations With Chris Masterjohn

Terms of Service

Looking to better understand the relationship between nutrition and health? Are you working on resolving a health problem or improving your physical or mental performance, and looking for advice about nutritional approaches you can discuss with your health care practitioner? Need some help studying for a nutrition or biochemistry test you are planning to ace? These are all great reasons to schedule a consultation with me. Here are the terms:

  • You can schedule a consultation using this link.
  • Consultations cost $150/hour, billed by PayPal invoice (no account required).
  • You can cancel at any time, up to the time of the consultation.
  • Consultations are educational in nature: I have a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, but not a license or certification to dispense medical advice or dietary counseling; thus, if we discuss approaches to health and disease, I may provide information about clinical tests or dietary and lifestyle approaches that you may wish to discuss with a qualified health professional, but such discussions may in no way and by no means be construed by either you or me as any type of medical or nutritional care or advice.
  • New Feature! I now offer the option of creating a shared Evernote notebook that will house all relevant documents and notes. I also offer the option of creating an audio recording of our conversation and depositing it in the Evernote notebook. Your privacy is important to me, so this will be secure, and it will only be done of if you explicitly opt-in. If you do, it will be a tremendous help towards organizing the information and maximizing the effectiveness of the consultation.

This information is not to be construed as advice.
Please consult a qualified health professional.
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