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Special Reports written by Chris Masterjohn, PhD.

Do you enjoy the unique perspective on health and nutrition that you find on Cholesterol-And-Health.Com?

Do you want information that is both cutting-edge and exciting while also thoroughly credible and extensively referenced?

Do you want information that you simply can't get anywhere else?

Cholesterol-And-Health.Com Special Reports will feature in-depth coverage of the following critical concepts:

  • The requirement for essential fatty acids is at least eight times lower than you've been told, and even modest excesses can be harmful.
  • Crucifers — friend or foe?
  • Your most potent weapon against heart disease may be a long-ignored and thoroughly misunderstood vitamin found in the foods in which you would least expect it!
  • Iron — oxidant or antioxidant?
  • Myths and truths about nutrient density and the critical importance of animal foods.
  • The truth about beta-carotene as a source of vitamin A: the nefarious effects in ferrets of dangerous beta-carotene supplements, the virtues of virgin palm oil, and the low-down on liver.

Through Cholesterol-And-Health.Com Special Reports I offer four in-depth reports per volume. I will be selling the individual reports for $15. But if you subscribe today you will receive a full volume of four reports — a $60 value — for only $30!

If you would like to purchase these reports individually, choose them from the following list. If, however, you would like to obtain four reports at half the price, scroll down and fill out the form below.

After you fill out the following form, you will be directed to complete your payment through Pay Pal — you do not need to have a Pay Pal account to make the payment. Once your payment is made, I will send you the first two reports as .pdf files by email at some point within the following day. You will receive the third and fourth reports of volume one as the are released. Because the reports take so long to produce, the release of each report has not been precisely scheduled.

You are just a few steps away from getting a boatload information you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy!

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