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Dear Reader,

The information contained within this site has been presented with careful research, and many of the articles contain many references to peer-reviewed journals.

Please understand that I am not, however, qualified to dispense medical or health advice of any kind.

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Nutritional Sciences with a specialty in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition at the University of Connecticut. I have authored two peer-reviewed papers. One of them is a letter to the editor published in the Journal of the American Cardiology criticizing the conclusions of a study on saturated fat and endothelial function, and the other is a full-length hypothesis paper published in Medical Hypotheses on the molecular mechanism of vitamin D toxicity.

When I finish my studies I will be qualified to run a laboratory and lead research in the area of health and nutrition, but I will not be a certified nutritionist or a registered dietician — I am specializing in discovering how things work and not in telling people what to do.

I struggle to maintain an open mind and an objective analysis and I hope that my information will prove useful, but acting on the information herein is your own responsibility. Please do it with care and with whatever guidance may be necessary.


Chris Masterjohn

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