A Close Call — Flight Carrying Seven Congressmen Makes Emergency Landing

Most readers of this site will not agree with Ron Paul on everything. And many will disagree with him on most things. Nevertheless, the vast majority of us share certain concerns that make Ron Paul an important ally in Congress.

Congressman Paul is, for example, the principal opponent of NAIS (check out my new article on NAIS here), CODEX, and other encroachments on our right to traditional farm foods, nutritional supplements, and the freedom to choose our own type of medicine.

Tuesday, he and six other congressmen were on a flight from Bush Intercontinental Airport in Texas to Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, when a sudden drop in cabin pressure required the flight to make an emergency landing in New Orleans. The flight was one that Texas congressmen who have returned home for the weekend frequently use to make it back to the capital in time for the 6:30 PM votes. Ironically, the congressmen were trying to make it back for a vote concerning airline safety.

The incident is reported here. There were 111 other people on the plane. Thank God they are all safe.

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