August, 2005

by Chris Masterjohn

I am by no means an expert on kettlebells. But I do love to use them, so this page is for anyone interested.

A kettlebell is basically a cast iron ball with a handle on it, like the one shown above.

Kettlebell exercises can be divided into those that emphasize velocity ballistics, and those that emphasize strength presses.

Kettlebell workouts are intense, and fun. While any healthy person can master them with the right effort, providing they take the time to learn the proper form, they are anything but a walk around the park.

What's amazing about kettlebell training is that it seems to melt the fat right off your body. I usually cycle between weight lifting at the gym and using my kettlebell in my front yard, and I find that when I start a kettlebell cycle, I quickly begin to lose fat and develop cut definition, especially in my back.

They're also the funnest workout I've engaged in, and convenient because they take up so little room, and, you really can get by with only one of them for quite some time.

Kettlebells are a hobby of mine, and not a matter of expertise, so I'm not going to dish out advice.

You can get more information on kettlebells from Dragon Door. This site is filled with great information, although it is combined with commercial hype.

Dragon Door also has forums where you can get advice about how to buy the right size kettlebells, or whether kettlebells are right for you, from other people who train with them, but aren't selling them.

One thing I will say is that, although kettlebells are very safe if you use them right, it's essential that you at least read a book or watch a video, preferably both to make sure you use the proper form, or else you could hurt yourself.

I started out with The Russian Kettlebell Challenge, by Pavel Tsatsouline, both the book and the DVD. If you decide to get a kettlebell, more power to you! Literally. You'll certainly obtain some by training with kettlebells — that's a promise.

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