Fertility Drugs and Insemination Don't Work — Did They Try Eating Eggs and Butter?

The New York Times reported today that the most common methods used to increase fertility - a drug that stimulates ovulation and artificial insemination — simply don't work.

For couples with no obvious reason for their inability to conceive, neither clomifene citrate (sold as Clomid, Serophene, Milophene, and others) nor artificial insemination with the would-be-father's sperm produced a clear advantage over no treatment. Doctors usually use these methods before progressing to more expensive and complicated procedures, like in vitro fertilization.

A Harvard study recently noted that women were more likely to conceive when they consumed more high-fat dairy foods.

Butterfat contains arachidonic acid. As detailed in my PUFA Report, arachidonic acid is critical to fertility in both men and women. In men, it is necessary for the production of testosterone and sperm. In women, it is necessary for ovulation, and when it is time for birth it is necessary for the induction of labor.

The best sources of arachidonic acid are liver and egg yolks. Butter is a decent source, and other animal fats also have small amounts.

Do fertility doctors ever counsel their couples to consume more butter, high-fat dairy, egg yolks, liver, and bacon?

I suspect not.

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