Buying Good Food on the Cheap at BJ's

The economy does not look good.

Inflation is rising. Food prices are going up. Gary North has a remarkable track record when it comes to correctly predicting economic changes, even when everyone else is saying something different, and he thinks we are headed for a worldwide recession.

Followers of Investor's Business Daily founder Bill O'Neil's approach to investing make on average 30 percent in good times rather than less than ten percent and make on average 5 percent in bad times rather than big losses; IBD helped its readers get out of the market and avoid the crash in 2001 that caused many an investor big losses. Last week they changed their recommendations from 'exercise caution, buy only the highest quality stocks, and be prepared to cut your losses short,' to 'don't buy anything, and consider selling your worst performers.'

Needless to say, it is a time to save money, or at least avoid wasting it.

I joined my local BJ's Wholesale Club recently, and was surprised to find some half-decent food there. We should focus, of course, on supporting our local economy through farmers' markets and CSA programs and so on, but depending on your situation, joining a wholesale club could prove useful.

Here are some of the foods I found there:

  • Mauna Loa Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts - Low in PUFA, no additives but sea salt. - $6.99/12 oz ($9.94/lb).
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) - Rozazaro, Berio, or Bertoli, in 3-quart or 3-liter containers, ranging from $5.64/quart to $6.59/quart.
  • Earth's Pride Organic EVOO - $9.49/L ($8.93/qt).
  • Himilayan Harvest Brown Basmati Rice - $6.29/3 lbs. ($1.40/lb).
  • Bumble Bee Wild Alaskan Sockeye Red Salmon - 10 percent of the RDA for calcium per serving from edible bones - $7.59/2 14.75-oz cans ($4.12/lb).
  • Bertoli Pasta Sauce - Made with olive oil rather than a high-PUFA vegetable oil - $5.89/3 24-oz cans ($1.45/lb)
  • Earth's Pride Organic Butter - $7.99/2 lbs ($4/lb).
  • Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese - $7.29/lb.

Granted these will not always be the cheapest prices you could get for these products, but most of these prices are considerably cheaper than what you would pay for these products at most other places.

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